Stanford Club Tennis is a selective, competitive co-ed tennis team comprised of Stanford undergraduate and graduate students. We are a member of the USTA Norcal Tennis on Campus Series and primarily compete against other Northern California club tennis teams. We placed 3rd in the 2017-18 National Championships and 2nd in the last two Sectional Championships. The team practices 3 times a week and competes in ~10 tournaments each year. Outside of tennis, we have team dinners, bbqs, hikes, and other social activities. We'd love for you to join our team! See below for information on tryouts.

For those interested in recreational tennis, we provide opportunities to meet other players who enjoy practicing for fun. All members of the Stanford community are welcome to use our Hitting Partner List to find somebody of the same skill level. The club team does not give lessons. If you are interested in lessons, sign up for a P.E. class or contact the stadium for private lessons.


Stanford Club Tennis will hold 3 sessions of new member tryouts for the 2021-2022 year. Come to the Taube Family Tennis Center (625 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA 94305) with your racket and your best game:

Session 1: Tuesday, October 5: 5:30 PM - 9 PM
Session 2: Thursday, October 7: 5:30 PM - 9 PM
Session 3: Friday, October 8: 5:30 PM - 9 PM

Tryout Details

Please fill out this sign-up form before attending tryouts. Attending at least one session is required, and attending 2 sessions is highly encouraged so that we can better evaluate your play. Please do not attend more than 2 sessions. Contact either stanfordclubtennis@gmail.com or Brian Kuglen (832-589-5171) for alternate tryouts if you absolutely cannot make any of the 3 scheduled sessions.


Patrick Tjandra
Bioengineering, '22
Marika Cusick
Health Policy, PhD
Kavin Anand
Vice President
Computer Science, '23
Brian Kuglen
Vice President
Bioengineering, '23
Alex Patel
Financial Officer
MS&E, '24
Sophia Longo
Practice Coordinator
Human Biology, '24
Simon Camacho
Web Master
Computer Science, '23
Isaac Cheruiyot
Social Chair
Electrical Engineering, '23
Kyra Whitelaw
Chief Marketing Officer
Communications Coterm, Political Science Major
Michael Cao
Social Chair
Computer Science, '23


How do I contact y'all?

Please send questions to stanfordclubtennis@gmail.com.
How can I join the club?
Stanford Club Tennis is a selective team and we hold tryouts at the beginning of each school year. If you were not able to attend tryouts, send us an email and we may be able to set up another time for you to tryout.
When are practices?
Practices are held Monday from 7-9pm, Tuesday from 7-9pm and Friday from 2-4pm at the Taube South Tennis Courts.
Are practices mandatory?
Members are encouraged to come to practice, but it is not required. Attendance at practice is considered for tournament roster selection, so if you want to play in tournaments come to as many practices as you can!
What are practices typically like?
Practices are structured and usually consist of a combination of drills, games, match play and fitness.
Can anyone come to club tennis practice?
Due to limited court space, club tennis practice is only open to members.
When are tournaments?
The tournament schedule varies from year to year and our season runs from September to May. The three largest tournaments for us are NorCal Sectionals (held at the end of October), CaliCup (held in March), and the National Championships (help in April).
How much are team dues?
Dues are typically around $150 per year. Dues go toward team uniforms, tournament entry fees, social events, and travel expenses. The team accommodates all members no matter their financial standing.
Does Stanford Club Tennis offer lessons?
No, club tennis does not offer lessons. If you are interested in lessons we encourage you to sign up for a PE class.

Hitting Partner List

Have you ever wanted to go out and hit, but couldn't find someone of a similar tennis ability? If so, then this is the list for you. All you need to do is estimate your own NTRP Rating NTRP Rating and contact anyone on this list with a similar rating. If you would like to add your name to the list, or update your information, please email stanfordclubtennis@gmail.com with "Hitting Partner List" as the subject. Include your name, email and estimated NTRP rating (between 1.0 and 6.0, do not submit ITN ratings). All Stanford students, faculty, staff and alumni are eligible to join and use this list.

Name Email Rating
Cyril Bucher cbucher@stanford.edu 6.0
Robbe Simon rgtsimon@stanford.edu 6.0
Jeff Randolph jeffrandolph@gmail.com 5.5-6.0
Robert Ruhlandt ruhlandt@stanford.edu 5.5-6.0
Jack Collison jack10@stanford.edu 5.5
Jaime Deverall jaimedev@stanford.edu 5.5
Damien Kettud dkettud@gmail.com 5.5
Sean King seanking@stanford.edu 5.5
John Moghtader jmoghtader@stanford.edu 5.5
Daniel Wright dlwright@stanford.edu 5.5
Eshan Jayamanne eshanjay@stanford.edu 5.0-5.5
Jonathan Bensamoun jonathan.bensamoun@gmail.com 5.0-5.5
Alex Groth alex.groth1@gmail.com 5.0-5.5
Robin Mohapatra robinrm@stanford.edu 5.0-5.5
Scott Wong wongsk@stanford.edu 5.0-5.5
Sai Gourisankar saipg@stanford.edu 5.0
Joe Vincent josephav@stanford.edu 5.0
Amit Nathani anathani@stanford.edu 5.0
Hunter Brown hbrown95@stanford.edu 5.0
Peter Ro peter.pro@gmail.com 5.0
Ray Buckner rbuckner@stanford.edu 5.0
Shirley Chen schen50@stanford.edu 5.0
Manol Manolov manozii@gmail.com 5.0
Praveen Dayananda praweend@stanford.edu 5.0
Quin Garcia garcia.quin@gmail.com 5.0
Reem Ghanem reemg@stanford.edu 5.0
Justice Harvieux justiceh@stanford.edu 5.0
Nizam Havare nhavare@stanford.edu 5.0
Rich Joseph rjoseph1@stanford.edu 5.0
Hannes Kroll hkroll@stanford.edu 5.0
Quentin Le Moal lemoal@stanford.edu 5.0
Sejin Paik spaik3@stanford.edu 5.0
Brad Palanski palanski@stanford.edu 5.0
Matt Romei mromei@stanford.edu 5.0
Grant Spellman gshamus@stanford.edu 5.0
Yuji Tanabe ytanabe@stanford.edu 5.0
Kevin Tang ktaaang@stanford.edu 5.0
Ray Thai raythai@stanford.edu 5.0
David Barbero drb379@googlemail.com 4.5-5.0
Johan Brenner johan@creandum.com 4.5-5.0
Sohan Dharmaraja sdharmarajah@gmail.com 4.5-5.0
Michael Duffy mcalmer@gmail.com 4.5-5.0
Varun Harbola varunh@stanford.edu 4.5-5.0
Carlos Marinetti charlym@stanford.edu 4.5-5.0
Ernesto Silva esilvam@stanford.edu 4.5-5.0
Deepak Narayanan deepakn@stanford.edu 4.5-5.0
Marcus Palsson mpalsson@stanford.edu 4.5-5.0
Srinivasan Ramakrishnan saisrini@stanford.edu 4.5-5.0
Marcus van Ginkel mvangin@stanford.edu 4.5
Ravi Lam ravi.lam@alumni.gsb.stanford.edu 4.5
Nicolas Peña Tenjo nicopt@stanford.edu 4.5
Angad Chug AngadChug@stanfordhealthcare.org 4.5
Lutz Waldecker waldecker@stanford.edu 4.5
Santosh Mohan santoshm@stanford.edu 4.5
Jurelle Mendoza jurelle@stanford.edu 4.5
Warren Chiang wychiang@stanford.edu 4.5
Greg Dalit balauro@slac.stanford.edu 4.5
Emmanuel Delorme delormus@gmail.com 4.5
Alessandro Diodato diodatoalessandro@gmail.com 4.5
Ben Flatau bflatau@gmail.com 4.5
Srivathsan Koundinyan skoundin@stanford.edu 4.5
Nikhil Parthasarathy nikhilp@stanford.edu 4.5
Ariana Qayumi aaqayumi@stanford.edu 4.5-5.0
Alli Rath allirath@stanford.edu 4.5
Ben Robison brobison@stanford.edu 4.5
Ciaran Rogers ciaran@stanford.edu 4.5
Rajiv Sharma sharma10@stanford.edu 4.5
Robin Shivnaraine rvshiv@stanford.edu 4.5
Sandra Kong skong822@stanford.edu 4.5-5.0
Sarah Thomas sthomas3@stanford.edu 4.5
Santoshi Tirumala mtirumala@paypal.com 4.5
Valdes Tita valdest@stanford.edu 4.5
Jan Voelkel jan.voelkel@stanford.edu 4.5
Maxime Voisin maxime.voisin@stanford.edu 4.5
Martin Jinye Zhang jinye@stanford.edu 4.5
Rania Abbasi rabbasi@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Greg Blascovich gmblascovich@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Jake Hsu jakehsu@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Jason Chen cheson@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Ron Estrin restrin@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Matt Fernald matt.fernald@gmail.com 4.0-4.5
Grégoire Gentil gregoire@gentil.com 4.0-4.5
Michael Jarry-Shore mjarrysh@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Arthur Kao artkao11@gmail.com 4.0-4.5
Luke Kaplan lkaplan2@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
David Kim davidandrew.kim@gmail.com 4.0-4.5
Diana Lin di.lin@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Alexander Lopez alop3z@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Drew Mathieson andrew4@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Lucy Maynard maynardl@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Angie Morey amorey@gmail.com 4.0-4.5
Paurakh Rajbhandary paurakh@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Ramanan Sampath ramanan@alumni.stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Sam Shen Sshen01@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Kevin Su itinerant@gmail.com 4.0-4.5
Reid Synenberg rsynenberg@gmail.com 4.0-4.5
Brian Tetrud tetrud@gmail.com 4.0-4.5
Amir Tevel tevela@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Anna Toledano toledano@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
David Zarabanda dzaraban@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Nathan Zhao nzz2102@stanford.edu 4.0-4.5
Isaiah Max Dawid isaiahd@stanford.edu 4.0
Young Chin mhchin@stanford.edu 4.0
Joe Vincent josephav@stanford.edu 4.0
Aoi Kunimoto koshik@stanford.edu 4.0
Megan Chesnut mchesnut@stanford.edu 4.0
Abel Ribbink absibabs@stanford.edu 4.0
Aaron Persky mapersky@gmail.com 4.0
Aditya Asokan asokan.aditya@gmail.com 4.0
Jake Conant jconant@stanford.edu 4.0
Nick Flores ndflores@stanford.edu 4.0
Aaron Kucyi aaron.kucyi@gmail.com 4.0
Sameep Mehrotra sameep.mehrotra@gmail.com 4.0
Nimit Mehta nimitm@stanford.edu 4.0
Sean O'Hanlan sohanlan@stanford.edu 4.0
Annika Lin Paul.lin@att.net 4.0
Anindha Parthy anindha@gmail.com 4.0
Andreas Puschnik puschnik@stanford.edu 4.0
Laks Ramakrishnan ramakrlnn@gmail.com 4.0
Rahul Samant rsamant@stanford.edu 4.0
Parthi Santhanam parthi@stanford.edu 4.0
Matteo Sesia msesia@stanford.edu 4.0
Stephanie Sher stephaniesher18@gmail.com 4.0
Danijela Tanner daniag@stanford.edu 4.0
Anh-Vu Thai anhvuthai512@gmail.com 4.0
Gilbert Toribio gtoribio@stanfordchildrens.org 4.0
Prem Urali purali@lpch.org 4.0
Brandon Vabre bvabre@stanford.edu 4.0
Seth Werfel swerfel@stanford.edu 4.0
Song Wang songw@stanford.edu 4.0
Cody Wrasman cwrasman@stanford.edu 4.0
Abbas Kazemipour kaazemi@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Alok Bhide alok.bhide@gmail.com 3.5-4.0
Andrew Call andrew@calls4.com 3.5-4.0
Daniel Chao dchao90@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Charles Chu charchu@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Earl De Guzman psychebd@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Ryan Edwards ryanbe@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Frank Hsieh lthsieh@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Larry Hsu larryhsu.md@gmail.com 3.5-4.0
Jay Kalita jkalita@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Justin Kruger jjkruger@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Roonie Kenjo rooniekenjo@yahoo.com 3.5-4.0
Marc Kastner mkastner@sciphil.org 3.5-4.0
Eric Koziol ekoziol@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Brian Lanier blanier@alumni.stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Jonathan Lee JonLee112@gmail.com 3.5-4.0
Agneya Loya agneya@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Jessica Ngo jngomh@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Benjamin Nosarzewski bln@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Ragini Phansalkar raginip@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Sudarshan Ranganathan sudranga@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Igor Runets runets@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Mahmoud Saadat mahmoud@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Sanjay Siddhanti szsiddh@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Melinda Su melsu68@gmail.com 3.5-4.0
Nina Vasan nvasan@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Arthur Wai Sung awsung@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Brian Yates Umana brian.umana@gmail.com 3.5-4.0
Huiliang Wang whl0903@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Fred Westhorpe fwthorpe@stanford.edu 3.5-4.0
Tom Winterbottom tom_winterbottom@hotmail.com 3.5-4.0
Robert Wang rwang01@stanford.edu 3.5
Steve Cohen project5_cm@yahoo.com 3.5
Marc Epstein epsteinm@stanford.edu 3.5
Daniella Gutlansky danagu@stanford.edu 3.5
Brian Hamachek brian@brianhama.com 3.5
Jeff Hau jeffhau@stanford.edu 3.5
Geordie Keelan gkeelan@stanford.edu 3.5
Matt Kossler mattkossler@gmail.com 3.5
Kevin Li kevinqli@stanford.edu 3.5
Christophe Loth lothc@stanford.edu 3.5
Srinivas Parthasarathy spartha@stanford.edu 3.5
Narendiran Rajasekaran nrajas@stanford.edu 3.5
Leigh Zerboni zerboni@stanford.edu 3.5
Cecile Armand carmand@stanford.edu 3.0-3.5
Corey Woolfolk coreywoolfolk@gmail.com 3.0-3.5
Bryant Chen bychen28@gmail.com 3.0-3.5
Duyun Chen duchen@stanford.edu 3.0-3.5
Alexander Duerloo duerloo@stanford.edu 3.0-3.5
Ian Eisenberg ieisenbe@stanford.edu 3.0-3.5
Ricardo Fernandes ricardfe@stanford.edu 3.0-3.5
Phillip Fitzgerald pfitzgerald89@gmail.com 3.0-3.5
Tony Gallagher atg@stanford.edu 3.0-3.5
Jenny Hsu jenny.chang.hsu@gmail.com 3.0-3.5
Clara Kelley clkelley@stanford.edu 3.0-3.5
Matt Kiener mkiener@stanford.edu 3.0-3.5
Benjamin Leung benleung@stanford.edu 3.0-3.5
Inga Mghebrishvili inga.stanford@gmail.com 3.0-3.5
Chinmay Nivargi chinmay.nivargi@gmail.com 3.0-3.5
Viranchi Patel vpatel29@gmail.com 3.0-3.5
Erica Seigneur erseigneur@gmail.com 3.0-3.5
Preyas Shah preyas@stanford.edu 3.0-3.5
Nathan Johnson Nathan.johnson@stanford.edu 3.0
Louis Wang louisxw@stanford.edu 3.0
Smiti Mittal smiti06@stanford.edu 3.0
George Nakayama w4756677@stanford.edu 3.0
Norris Johnson njohn25@stanford.edu 3.0
Andrei Bajenov abajenov@stanford.edu 3.0
Ariel Schonfeld ars1@stanford.edu 3.0
Jean de Becdelievre jeandb@stanford.edu 3.0
Chrstine Dorosin cdorosin@stanford.edu 3.0
Helene Fredrickson helenefredrickson@gmail.com 3.0
Takahiro Fushimi tfushimi@stanford.edu 3.0
RaviKiran Gopalan ravikiran.gopalan@stanford.edu 3.0
Daniel Huo danielhuo@gmail.com 3.0
Patricia Linortner plinortn@stanford.edu 3.0
Daniel Rey daniel.rey24@gmail.com 3.0
Maxime Rivet mrivet@stanford.edu 3.0
Jennie Zheng jenniezh@stanford.edu 3.0
John Azevedo tigger@slac.stanford.edu 2.5-3.0
Kapeesh Saraf kapeeshsaraf@gmail.com 2.5-3.0
Megan Mayer megmayer@slac.stanford.edu 2.5-3.0
Ivan Carabante ivacarabant@gmail.com 2.5
Xie Feng feng.cs.stanford.edu 2.5
Megan Kelly Hunter mkhunter@stanford.edu 2.0
Haiming Jin haiming@kzsu.stanford.edu 2.0
Oleg Lazarev olazarev@stanford.edu 2.0
Russ Li jxli@stanford.edu 2.0
Peter Maurer pcmaurer@stanford.edu 2.0